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Blue Nite Photo

Night photography redefined

Fire and Ice

The photography from Blue Nite Photo does more than just record images; it takes you on a visual ride into the rich land of vibrancy. Will Wilkins III honed his craft exploring and documenting the bohemian night-life of Asia, and he has brought that same energy to his Chicago-based studio. Now Wilkins expresses his same passion for light and passion by constantly photographing local bars, clubs and concerts. His work is hailed for its expert depictions of kinetic compositions, bold colors and the captivating creativity of light painting in night-scene representations.


Most photography studios today can be categorized by event or subject, but Blue Nite Photo is one of the only studios known for categorical style. Wilkins was immersed in the Asian spirit while he was a burgeoning photographer, and the elements of that have permeated his work ever since. Whether he is photographing a wedding or a concert, Wilkins' eye and camera are drawn to the vibrancy of light, color and energy present in all scenes. Customers come back time and again to Blue Nite Photo because of the stunning results and jaw-dropping images.

Manila Night

When you enlist the services of Blue Nite Photo, you are choosing more than just someone to push a button and document an event. The pictures customers receive are testaments to the spirit of the event and the joy of the moment. Blue Nite Photo has earned the undisputed respect of the advertising industry, the commercial photography industry and even the newspapers and magazines of several countries. Any person with a camera can point-and-shoot at an event, but Will Wilkins III captures images that embody the soul of an event and inspire wondrous nostalgia for a lifetime of viewers.

Types of Photography and Web Development

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
- Alfred Stieglitz

Blue Nite offers many types of photography to meet your need:

  • Event photography(day or night!)
  • Portrait
  • Boudoir(portfolio available upon private request)
  • Graduation,funerals, weddings
  • Advertising photography
  • Business/commercial photography
  • Video

Blue Nite Web development is your top choice to designs that excite but are easily maintainable by non-developers

  • Speedy Web development Services(2 days)available
  • Choice of custom built sites or templates using a variety of frameworks and designs
  • Transfer your existing site, domains, files, email, etc. to a new design and server
  • Need Photo work? Can be combined with Photography as a discounted package
  • Pro-level SEO and google Ads optimization ensure your new website will be very profitable or popular
  • Affordable Service and hosting fee packages
  • Need Video? I also do professional video work


Costs of services depends on the event, web site, and needs of the client plus additional expenses such as travel costs and length of service. Events typically start at a minimum of $250. Complete Web Development packages range from $2,000+ and up depending on clients. Modifications/improvement of an existing web site start at $500+.